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Early Readers Queen Clarion Disney Fairies art and text © Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Just for Now © Child Advocates, Inc.


Disney Fairies / Random House
Writing as Kimberly Morris
 Queen Clarion's Secret
 Beck Beyond the Sea
 A New York Times Children’s Paperback Best-Seller

Disney Fairies / Disney Publishing Worldwide
Writing as Kimberly Morris
 Rani and the Three Treasures
(U.K. 2008)
 The Case of the Missing Everything
(Global art pool 2008)

Child Advocates, Inc.
Writing as Kimberly Morris
 Just for Now: Kids and the People of the Court

Real Kids Readers / Millbrook Press
Writing as Kimberly Morris

Molly In The Middle

Young Classics
Dorling Kindersley / Adaptation by Kimberly Morris

The Wizard of Oz



Muppet & Fraggle Rock Bedtime Stories
by Kimberly Morris for Jim Henson Associates, Inc.

Forget It, Kermit

The Misunderstanding
Trouble’s Troubles
The Thingdo
You Can Do Magic
Baby Skeeter Sets A Record
Gobo Loses His Voice
Henrietta The Hedgehog
The Rescue Operation
Fair And Square Share
The Curse Of The Gypsy Moth
Colin The Chameleon


Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16
Harper Entertainment / Writing as Kimberly Morris
California Dreams

That's So Raven
Disney Press / Adaptions by Kimberly Morris
Dueling Divas
Boyfriend Blues
Be Mine

Scholastic / Writing as Katherine Applegate
The Arrival
The Return
The Ultimate
The Sacrifice

Generation Girl
Golden Books / Writing as Melanie Stewart

Singing Sensation

Sweet Valley Twins
Bantam / Writing as Jamie Suzanne
The Twins Hit Hollywood The Great Boyfriend Switch
Romeo And 2 Juliets The Charm School Mystery
Elizabeth The Hero Sarah’s Mom And Sophia’s Dad
Lila’s Music Video Big Brother’s In Love
Jessica Saves The Trees The Curse Of The Golden Heart
Psychic Sisters The Haunted Burial Ground
The Middle School Gets Married  

Sweet Valley Junior High
Bantam / Writing as Jamie Suzanne

Jessica: Next Stop Jr. High
Lacey’s Crush
The Cool Crowd

The Unicorn Club
Bantam / Writing as Alice Nicole Johansson

Snow Bunnies In Love With Mandy
Boyfriends For Everyone Bon Voyage, Unicorns
The Unicorns At War Save The Unicorns
Maria’s Movie Comeback The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Jessica’s Dream Date  

Making Friends
MacMillan / Writing as Kate Andrews

Nice One, Tara
You’re Fab, Rachel
Watch Out, Sky


Changes Romances
HarperCollins / Writing as Kimberly Morris

Wild Hearts

Day By Day
HarperCollins / Writing as Elizabeth Benning

Life Without Alice

Sweet Valley University
Bantam / Writing as Laurie John

For Love Of Ryan Shipboard Wedding
Broken Promises College Cruise
Billie’s Secret He’s Watching You
Deadly Attraction No Means No
The Other Woman Undercover Angels
Sweet Valley University series
Freshman Dorm
HarperCollins / Writing as Linda A. Cooney
Freshman Obsession Freshman Dorm
Freshman Fury
Freshman Temptation


Lorimar-Telepictures / Writing as Kimberly Morris

The Telepathy Beam Day Of The Eclipse
The Formula The Mad Bubbler
Frog Man The Trouble With ThunderKittens
Goodbye Jaga  

Lorimar-Telepictures / Writing as Kimberly Morris
Small World Fighting Hawks
Sky Hunter The Star of Bedlama

Lorimar-Telepictures / Writing as Kimberly Morris
Pappagallo’s Present Stowaway
The Deep Fryer The Waterscope
Eye Of The Storm Redfin Returns

Lorimar-Telepictures / Writing as Kimberly Morris
The Inspection A Visit From Ooze



Toxic Crusaders
Joshua Morris Publishers / Writing as Kimberly Morris
To The Rescue Killemoff Strikes Back

Newspaper and magazine articles published in Digital Cable Radio Magazine, Houston Habitat, and The New Orleans Times Picayune.


Development Consultant for the ThunderCats, TigerSharks, and MiniMonsters television series.

Associate Producer & Script Editor for The Little Rascals Collection, a series of 195 public service announcements featuring animated versions of the well-known characters. Worked with writers, 12 academic consultants and a variety of safety and civic organizations (ASPCA, Red Cross, etc.) to ensure that content was accurate and age appropriate.

Production Coordinator for the prime time animated television specials: Puff The Magic Dragon (CBS); Puff The Magic Dragon In The Land of Living Lies (CBS); The Little Rascals Christmas Special (NBC); Strawberry Shortcake (syndicated); Strawberry Shortcake In Big Apple City (syndicated); and Peter And The Magic Egg (CBS).


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Copyright and Trademark Information

Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16
TM & © Dualstar Entertainment Group, L.L.C.

That's So Raven © Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Real Kids Readers® and the Real Kids Readers logo are trademarks of The Millbrook Press, Inc.

Cover Art for Wizard of Oz © Dorling Kindersley Limited

Muppets, Muppet Babies, and Fraggle Rock © Jim Henson Associates, Inc.

Animorphs and associated logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Scholastic, Inc.

Generation Girl ™ and Barbie® are registered trademarks of Mattel, Inc.

Sweet Valley Twins®, The Unicorn Club®, Sweet Valley Junior High® and Sweet Valley University® are registered trademarks of Francine Pascal

Cover Art for Making Friends, Life Without Alice, Sweet Valley Twins, The Unicorn Club, Sweet Valley Junior High, Sweet Valley University, Wild Hearts, and Pizza Paradise © Daniel Weiss Associates, Inc.

Cover Art for Freshman Dorm © HarperCollins Publishers

Thundercats and Thundercat characters are trademarks of ™Telepictures Corporation

Silverhawks and Silverhawk characters are trademarks of ™Telepictures Corporation

Tigersharks and Tigershark characters are trademarks of ™Telepictures Corporation

Minimonsters and Minimonster characters are trademarks of ™Telepictures Corporation

Cover Art for Toxic Crusaders © Troma, Inc.


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