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Programs for Students Pre K-12



Writing is Magic!

Find out why 3 is a magic number – not just in the world of magic, but also in the world of writing.  Includes fairy wings, fairy things, and a giant spider.  This interactive presentation appeals to boys as well as girls, as it takes everybody’s talents and skills to help the fairies elude dangerous predators like hawks, snakes, and wasps. (Supported by Disney Fairies books by Kimberly Morris. For grades PreK-2)



Molly In the Middle & Cumulative Plots
(aka "List Stories")

She’s not the oldest. She’s not the youngest. And you’ll be amazed at what this middle kid has to do to get a little special attention.  Audiences join in the fun during this interactive performance that illustrates the respective uses of rhythm, rhyme, and repetition in this story as well as many other “list stories” and “list songs” that children know and love. (Supported by Molly in the Middle by Kimberly Morris. Available in different formats for grades PreK-4.)




Journeys and Adventures :The Inside Story
Grades 4-12 & Adults

Fun. Fast-paced. Motivating. Participants learn to apply logic to the creative process while working as a group to make up an exciting story – a story with plenty of complications, colorful characters, and hilariously inventive solutions. So much fun, they’ll never suspect it’s educational.

This program:

(Supported by Kimberly Morris’s adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz.  Available in different formats for grades 4-12 & adults.)

Just For Now

Creating and Making Picture Books
in the Classroom:
First Steps Toward Multi-Media Literacy

Yes. Making picture pictures is fun. But it also makes you smarter. Supports some math and fine arts TEKS as well as ELA TEKS. Can be customized to include social studies, science, and history TEKS. (Available in formats for elementary students and teacher/facilitator trainings. Make and takes available depending on format.)




Residencies and Customized Collaborative Writing Projects

The future belongs to those who can collaborate and communicate across different disciplines, cultures, languages, and technologies. A great way to learn these skills is to embark on a publishing project that taps everyone’s skills and that results in a work product that can be shared and enjoyed by all. (Supported by Just For Now: Kids and the People of the Court written by Kimberly Morris with 250 professional and volunteer advocates for children, and Mystery of the Chupacabra: Book #1 of The Inventors Club, created with 300 students and teachers in the Sharpstown Learning Community.)



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Inservice, Teacher Training, and Writing Workshops
for Adults - "Fiction: The "Rules"

This fun motivational program works for any age group. Novices and non-writers can comfortably participate at any level. The program can be presented as a 45-minute workshop, or as a full-day or half-day staff seminar. Basic principles are covered and then escalate in complexity.

During this workshop, participants will explore four "rules" of fiction as they apply to a worksheet. In this workshop, participants will do some writing. Note! In the world of creative writing, "rules" are simply things that are true more often than they are not, but understanding those "rules" will strengthen writing skills. Additional topics covered in this workshop include:

 •  Delineation of characters
 •  Relationship between external and internal plot
 •  Point of view
 •  Back story
 •  Genre
 •  Handling time passage
 •  Moving characters through geography
 •  Avoiding repetitions of "he said"
 •  Writers convenience

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Keynote Speaking and Seminars for Corporate
and Civic Group Audiences

Kimberly Morris speaks on a variety of topics designed to motivate and inform.

In today's complex business environment it's all too easy for managers and employees to develop a "stove pipe mentality" that overlooks the need for effective cross-organizational communication. Kim's team-building seminars are designed to break down organizational barriers to communication.

The exercises in this workshop are designed to get participants thinking about and believing in larger, more critical goals that are beyond their immediate department or business. Participants experience first hand the tremendous exhilaration, energy and satisfaction that come from real teamwork.

Through the use of universal themes that are the bedrock of human activity and personal growth, the seminar provides participants with clarity and perspective about their workplace lives.


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FAQs about School Visits

Q. In a nutshell, can you summarize what you do?
Sure. In a nutshell, I teach “technique.” That means the basic architecture and engineering principles of narrative that make stories work – the machinery that writers need in order to make full use of their talent. In the course of a workshop, students learn: what it’s like to work with popular series characters like Tinker Bell or The Animorphs; how to write for different genres; how to use logic in conjunction with their creativity; why some writers use pseudonyms; and how to turn favorite activities into well-paid writing careers.

Q. That sounds kind of dry. Is it?
Never! I make sure that all the pills are cleverly embedded in a tasty meatball. All programs are fun for students and teachers.

Q. Where do you live and will you travel?
. I live in Houston and I LOVE to travel.

Q. May I contact you for more information or details?
Absolutely. I would love to hear from you. Email:

Q. Do you have specific information about your TEKS correlations?
I will have that information posted on my website very soon. In the meantime, I will provide it upon request.

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Fee Schedule for School Visits

• The following fees apply to school visits only. For information on after school program
fees, or other types of appearances, please contact Kimberly Morris. Thank you!

• In the Houston area: $1,000 for the day which includes 3 presentations

• Out of town: $1,500 + lodging and travel expenses

• Corporate and PTO sponsorships welcome

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